About Us

Our firm specializes in business and personal life insurance planning, long term care planning, employee benefit and retirement plans, and investment products.  Our clients are small business owners, their employees, and individuals looking for products that will help them increase their net worth while managing the downside risk that life brings.

The Affordable Care Act is bringing anxiety to all it seems.  Let us help you understand the act, how it works, and how it may help you and/or organization.  Change is difficult but with knoweldge it is manageable. 

Small business owners wear many hats.  In the area of benefits it is getting particularly difficult to keep up.  Allow us to work with you and your employees.  We will bring not only competitive rates but also creative ideas to help you contain health care costs. We'll help you stay in compliance and communicate the value of your benefit programs.  Never before have disability and dental insurance plans been more competitive.  You can not only stretch your benefit budget by offering these more rate stable plans but also make your small business look and feel like the "big" companies. Retirement plans, whether low cost SIMPLE or full 401(k) plans can help both you and your employees save for retirement.  Bottom line competitive plans help you hire and retain valuable employees.  We make sure that the plans are well received and understood by all. 


Part of our planning services assist small business owners in business continuation planning through the use of a buy/sell agreement.  Planning also may be necessary to insure that future family members can continue the business if that is desired. 


Many retirees appreciate our long term care planning and retirement asset planning.  Enjoying the good life, lowering the overall risk of your investments, passing on that dream lakefront property and perhaps helping grandchildren with the cost of education are all areas in which our planning can help.  Each familiy's needs can be very different, however many find by attending our seminars they hear many of their own concerns and goals expressed by others.  Watch our website for spring and fall seminars directed towards this great time of life!


Young families are facing the most expensive time of their life in child raising.  Balancing needs of today with the necessity of planning for their own future and that of their children can seem complicated.  Low cost term life insurance can provide the larger amounts of death benefit that families with dependent children need, thereby allowing more dollars to be put into their company or individual retirement accounts.  Reviewing cost effective health insurance strategies, protecting against an unexpected disability; all are essential.